Verpleegdorp Joachim en Anna

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From a closed health facility to a real push moraine landscape in which the communes lie as small villages in the landscape.

The starting point for the new Joachim and Anna “as at home as possible.” The new housing is shaped as a collection of homes that forms villages with each other.
Not an institutional design of a ‘home’, but an identifiable ‘home’ for everyone. No courses but streets, no halls but living rooms, a tea house and a village square with a church.

The location of Joachim and Anna inside in the winding forest is amazing. In the past the (for Dutch standards) high altitudes were ‘resolved’ by digging into the ground and to equalize it, which weakened the perception of the beautiful landscape and the relationship with the environment.

This plan will transform the ground into a real landscape again, that includes distinctive and homely atmospheres. A hilly landscape with forest on the higher parts, a flowery valley in the middle and at the transition of the valley and the villages, surrounded by hedges orchards as gardens . Recognizable landscapes that integrate seamlessly with the surroundings. Also the paths are in connection with the surroundings, what makes routes on the ground also accessible for residents and Joachim and Anna both spatially and also in use connects to its surroundings. This makes Joachim and Anna more part of the neighbourhood and the wider environment.