Real landscapes – that’s what we love. Natural landscapes, outside or in the heart of town; landscapes to dwell like you’re always away on holiday; landscapes that touch and move you.

We are a design firm operating at all scale levels: from regional strategies up to small backyard plans, in the countryside and in the city. We are constantly looking for ways to unite nature and people, city and hinterland, even better and more sensational.

We work with clear concepts, sharp analysis, outspoken visions and capturing visualisations. In large-scale projects we work just as precise: we dissect the landscape, diagnose it and depict concrete solutions. We believe it’s important to explain the quality of landscapes – and how to create this quality – to everyone.

We love simple designs with an intense experience. Including public squares. Including private gardens. Those are the places where you want to feel good, without any hassle. To succeed, we push things to the limit. By making unconventional products like a landscape-cook-book, by initiating projects or stimulating others to do so.

Commissioners vary from councils and developers to private clients, and always receive our undivided attention. Together with a small and involved team we work on everything we for which can design inventive and beautiful solutions.

Take a look at our projects and feel free to contact us!