Stadsblokken Meinerswijk

Client: Kondor Wessels Projecten Year: 2013-heden In collaboration with: De Zwarte Hond website: The masterplan is for download here   Weinig steden zijn zo mooi gelegen als Arnhem. Aan de Noordzijde dringt de Veluwe via prachtige landgoedparken de stad binnen, tot achter het Centraal Station. Maar zo mooi als die relatie met de Veluwe is, zo […]

Estate Klingelbeek

Commissioner: Schipper Bosch Year: 2015 – present  Under construction: 2019/2020 In collaboration with: Dyvik Kahlen architects, Vic Landscape, Buro Boot website: On one of the most outstanding locations of the Netherlands, where the (in Holland) rare hills of the Veluwe touch the river Rhine by Arnhem, we are working on estate Klingelbeek. This derelict estate will […]

Operation Desert Rain

Utopian plan for weather-changing landscapes Own initiative, in cooperation with Bart Bomas Year: 2016 Published in Trouw newspaper Interview on National Radio, Radio1 The climate changes, and almost everybody agrees that we have something to do with that. Fossil fuel, CO2, greenhouse effect, melting poles, floods, droughts and typhoons. What almost nobody realises is that we […]