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Estate Koningsweg

A cultural enclave on the Veluwe
Estate Koningsweg

Just north of Arnhem, a somewhat shady and unstructured part of the Veluwe houses an unknown but fascinating piece of cultural history. In 2008 Harro de Jong and Hans Jungerius decided they want to transform this area in a cultural enclave. A stepping-stone between the green and creative city Arnhem and National Park ‘de Hoge Veluwe’, with the famous museum Kröller Müller. A place where landscape, history and culture go together.

Naast de verbinding met de Veluwe ontsluiert Buitenplaats Koningsweg ook het tamelijk bizarre militaire verleden van dit gebied.

Besides the connection with this extraordinary nature reserve where the big 5 of the Netherlands live (with recently even the wolf), enclave Koningsweg reveals a bizar military past. The military terrains were part of ‘Fliegerhorst Deelen’, a German WWII airport with numerous buildings, bases and hangars surrounded, disguised as typical Dutch villages and farms. Even fake cows and wooden horses were added to fool the allied forces…

To unite more and more areas of the Veluwe all fences at Koningsweg are deleted, nature can roam around freely and enjoyed by everybody.

The first step of the transformation for two of these bases, ‘Kamp Koningsweg Noord’ and the ‘Zeven Provinciën’ is to make them a part of the Veluwe again.

The second step is to ‘cut out’ the two WOII villages, as cultural enclaves in the middle of wild nature: Koningsweg Noord as a campus, and the Zeven Provinciën as an agricultural settlement. More recent buildings, like the 11 new ‘follies’ that wille be added as camouflaged recreational houses, will be situated in a restored heather and forest landscape.

In collaboration with: MVRDV