Studio & Hide-out Buro Harro

Studio & Hide-out Buro Harro Year: 2020 Design: MX13 & Buro Harro Contractor: AdaptOne management   A forest cabin on the Veluwe – that’s the office of Buro Harro and Harro’s hide-out in one. In the middle of the vibrant cultural enclave Buitenplaats Koningsweg, a former WW2 military site and a project we initiated and […]

Estate Klingelbeek

Commissioner: Schipper Bosch Masterplan / Urban Plan / Landscape design Year: 2015 – present  Under construction In collaboration with: Dyvik Kahlen architects, Vic Landscape, Frank Heiligers website: On one of the most outstanding locations of the Netherlands, where the (in Holland) rare hills of the Veluwe touch the river Rhine by Arnhem, we are working on […]


A spectacular green building for both humans and animals, with a dune landscape on the roof! Commissioners: Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling, HBB Projectontwikkeling In collaboration with: Bastiaan Jongerius, Ronald Janssen (architects), DGMR Winner tender municipality of Amsterdam Year: 2014/2015 Status: under construction 2019/2020     A building where both people and birds, bees, bats, butterflies live! At Amsterdam’s Groenmarkt a […]

VDMA Eindhoven

A heavenly collection of architecture above a radical green city! Client: ABC Planontwikkeling & MOOIontwikkelt With: Civic, Marco.Broekman, Braaksma & Roos architectenbureau,  VenhoevenCS en: Morgenmakers, Buro Loo, Move Mobility, Total Cost, COB-WEB, Iris advies, ABT, Bouw21, HeyHeyDeHaas, Weebers Advocaten en ABCNova Year: 2017-2019 Tender, 2nd prize   A heavenly collection of architecture above a radical green city. Circular, nature-inclusive […]

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk

Stadsblokken Meinerswijk – het uiterwaardenpark voor Arnhem! Een project waar ruimte voor de rivier, natuurontwikkeling, cultuur, recreatie én natuurinclusieve woonmilieus hand in hand gaan. Opdrachtgever: Kondor Wessels Projecten Jaar: 2013-heden 2013-2016: i.s.m. Frank Donders. Masterplan & Stedenbouwkundig plan i.s.m.: De Zwarte Hond website: Het Masterplan en ander materiaal kunt u hier downloaden gepubliceerd in: Europees Jaarboek […]

The Sunny Side Sloterdijk

Type: Competitie Location: Amsterdam Year: 2018 In collaboration with: A M B.V., Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling B.V., MKA Research & Development B.V., Crowd Building NL B.V., Zanderroth Architecten, Marc Koehler Architects, Space&Matter en De Dakdokters       The Sunny Side is iconisch groen en tegelijk een huiselijk, lieflijk stuk stad, waar de bewoners zelf hun stempel […]

Estate Koningsweg

A cultural enclave on the Veluwe (initiative in collaboration with Hans Jungerius) Commissioner: Kondor Wessels Projects In collaboration with.: MVRDV (architecture) Year: 2008-2018 Published in: NRC Innovatief landschap Proclaimed as ‘Broedplaats van het jaar‘! (cultural hotspot of the year) Just north of Arnhem, a somewhat shady and unstructured part of the Veluwe houses an unknown but fascinating […]

Space for space IJsselmonde

How can you ensure spatial quality in areas where glass housing is disappearing? Commissioned by and in collaboration with the municipality of Barendrecht Year: 2013      Large scale glass houses are disappearing for a reason: gardeners stop their businesses or move to places that the government deems more appropriate. To encourage these developments the ‘space […]

Farmyard living Schoonoord

Aging like you always imagined… Commissioner: Woonservice Drenthe In collaboration with: AAS Architects Year: 2013-2014   The farmyard, flexible and organic in nature, is a perfect match for housing aimed at seniors in need of care. De hierarchy of the yard with its differences in scale and material of the different buildings, makes different use […]

Village expansion Keyenborg

Village expansion Keyenborg (Gelderland, the Netherlands) 1st prize Competition ‘Keyenborg grows in its own way’ Year: 2009           New, planted roads connect the village of Keyenborg to the surrounding landscape. On the crossroads of these roads triangular spaces emerge, characteristic for this area. These triangles become the attractive new public spaces […]

Barendrechts buitenboekje

A vision for the landscape of the municipality of Barendrecht Commissioned by and in collaboration with the municipality of Barendrecht Year: 2012-2013      The landscape is always changing, but in the vicinity of Barendrecht it changes a little faster. In this enormously dense urban area in the south of the Randstad a few scraps […]