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Landscape vision Zuid-Limburg

A landscape vision for the province of Zuid-Limburg
Landscape vision Zuid-Limburg

The landscape structures of the southern part of the province of South-Limburg originate from medieval times. The pattern of valleys used to be the leading principle for this landscape and is the current cultural-historic framework for this area. Once, the steepest slopes of the valleys were used for the extraction of silex. Currently, these slopes and the wet valley flats are the leftover landscapes, the nature areas, while the plateaus on the higher grounds are used as agricultural land.


In the design, the environment of the valleys with all their natural splendour and potential, are transformed into a cultural-historic, ecological and recreation network. A national historic landscape park of regional proportions is created, that connects existing qualities, and gives a new context to the elements (such as villages) in this landscape.

Design: Harro de Jong
In collaboration with: Klaas Kerkstra, Peter Vrijlandt