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Big Apeldoorn Landscape Cookbook

a do-it-yourself book to prepare delicious landscapes with
Big Apeldoorn Landscape Cookbook

With all the initiatives of municipalities, project developers, farmers and civilians, all sorts of ingredients are constantly added to the landscape. But what is the dish everyone is working on? All these ingredients combined do not automatically lead to a ‘tasty’ landscape. Technological advancements make it possible to create anything, anywhere. As a result, natural restrictions are lifted, and everything becomes more and more the same. Landscape patterns are fragmented, and the differences between ‘places’ slowly disappear.

To reach everyone who is working on the landscape, we made a landscape vision in the form of a cookbook: easy to understand and applicable for everyone.

The first chapters identify the different landscape types of the municipality of Apeldoorn, and clearly illustrate the different ingredients and spatial recipes for each of these types. This way, everybody is working on the same dish. In the chapter ‘basic recipes’, general principles are explained such as road planting, the effects of gutter height, positioning and hierarchy of yard buildings, etc etc.

With this cookbook, everyone can become a landscape designer.

Design: Harro de Jong, René van Seumeren
In collaboration with: Gelders Genootschap