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Coolsingel, Rotterdam

Sketch design for the most important street of Rotterdam
Coolsingel, Rotterdam

The main route to cross Rotterdam is by the Coolsingel. Tram tracks, car lanes and cycle paths dissect the abundant space, which makes it impractical and messy. In the former situation, the Coolsingel wasn’t really a destination in itself, rather a barrier you have to cross. The materialization of the Coolsingel exists mainly of concrete, and a lot of it. Even when it is not raining, there street always seem to be wet.


The municipality of Rotterdam chose 3 teams to make a vision for this street. We reorganized the infrastructure to one clear line, from the Hofplein to the Churchillplein. This clear line bundles all infrastructure, thereby creating more space for pedestrians on both sides of this line. These sidewalks make a pleasant space for strolling, with plenty of room to walk in the sun. With this design the main route becomes a genuine central boulevard.

The Coolsingel should smell like forest.

Plants such as ferns, are added in abundance on these sidewalks, with spaces for sitting in between. At the post office, Forum, and super zebra near the Koopgoot, special places are created where dwelling is pleasant. The most special place is at City Hall, where the clear, straight line curls gracefully around the square in front of the building, creating a real, spacious square. From there, you can look in all directions of the Coolsingel, and experience the grandeur of this boulevard and the surrounding architecture.
Design: Harro de Jong
In collaboration with: Studio Jorge Perea, Fluitman Architectuur + Stedenbouw, Atelier Lek