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Sloterdijk Amsterdam

Step out of the elevator, into the forest!
Sloterdijk Amsterdam

Step out the elevator right into a forest. A refreshing rain shower falls out the ceiling on hot summerdays. If you look up, you’ll see endless forest in the mirrored ceiling while station Sloterdijk is below your feet.

By breaking up the high rise tower in two pieces the forest will squeeze out the building like salad in a burger.

A luscious icon arises in the stony and grey Sloterdijk area. Rainwater is collected on a lower roof where a peat-landscape lies on top of. These highlands form a continuation of the nearby Bretten landscape and brings nature and warmth into this quite cheerless environment, turning it into a spectacular residential landscape for men, plants and animals.

Design: Harro de Jong
In collaboration with: Paul de Ruiter Architects, Space&matter