Sketch design for the most important street of Rotterdam (private competition, winner: west8)  Commissioner: Municipality of Rotterdam Year: 2013/2014 In collaboration with Studio Jorge Perea, Fluitman Architectuur + Stedenbouw, Atelier Lek   In 2013 the municipality of Rotterdam chose 3 teams to make a vision for the street of Rotterdam, the Coolsingel. As a team, we chose to […]

Red list city garden

Private garden, Arnhem Year: 2011 Published in: Trouw NRC NRC-next Yearbook 2012 12 Tuinen Tuin & Landschap Duurzame landschapsarchitectuur On the move, European Yearbook of Landscape Architecture 2015 This small shady garden is an unexpectedly piece of nature. Here, plant species of the so-called Red List of endangered or extinct forest-species grow abundantly. Surprisingly, most of these […]

Fryslân at sea

Commissioner: Atelier Fryslân Year: 2009-2012 Published in: In Touch – European Yearbook  Yearbook 2013 Trouw Fries Dagblad Duurzame landschapsarchitectuur Northern Friesland literally feels like the end of the world. Roads and waterways end before or on the sea dike that disconnects Friesland from the sea. It has become an area that has to be passed in order to […]

Manhood peninsula

A fast sketch design with large effects for manhood peninsula (UK) Organisation workshop: Renée Santema & Carolyn Cobbold Year: 2009   When we visited the coastal town Selsey (UK) on the Manhood Peninsula with a group of Dutch experts, a row of houses on the shoreline almost collapsed and tumbled into sea. And this had happened […]

Space for space IJsselmonde

How can you ensure spatial quality in areas where glass housing is disappearing? Commissioned by and in collaboration with the municipality of Barendrecht Year: 2013      Large scale glass houses are disappearing for a reason: gardeners stop their businesses or move to places that the government deems more appropriate. To encourage these developments the ‘space […]

Farmyard living Schoonoord

Aging like you always imagined… Commissioner: Woonservice Drenthe In collaboration with: AAS Architects Year: 2013-2014   The farmyard, flexible and organic in nature, is a perfect match for housing aimed at seniors in need of care. De hierarchy of the yard with its differences in scale and material of the different buildings, makes different use […]

Village expansion Keyenborg

Village expansion Keyenborg (Gelderland, the Netherlands) 1st prize Competition ‘Keyenborg grows in its own way’ Year: 2009           New, planted roads connect the village of Keyenborg to the surrounding landscape. On the crossroads of these roads triangular spaces emerge, characteristic for this area. These triangles become the attractive new public spaces […]

Masterplan Perm

A strategic masterplan for the city of Perm that takes the natural structure of the valleys as a starting point Commissioned by the city of Perm, Russia Year: 2008/2009 In collaboration with: KCAP and Hosper       The Russian city of Perm (with 1 million inhabitants), situated on a plateau next to the Kama […]

Barendrechts buitenboekje

A vision for the landscape of the municipality of Barendrecht Commissioned by and in collaboration with the municipality of Barendrecht Year: 2012-2013      The landscape is always changing, but in the vicinity of Barendrecht it changes a little faster. In this enormously dense urban area in the south of the Randstad a few scraps […]

Landscape Cookbook Apeldoorn

A vision filled with landscape recipes for everyone to use Commissioner: municipality of Apeldoorn In collaboration with: Gelders Genootschap Year: 2009-2011 In December 2013 the big Landscape Cookbook of Apeldoorn won the ‘Nu al eenvoudig beter’-prize (‘Simply better-prize’), issued by minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen. Published in: Innovatief landschap     With all the initiatives of municipalities, project […]

Scouts of the forbidden landscape

Commissioner: Stichting G.A.N.G. Year: 2013 From the estate Koningsweg we have been working together with G.A.N.G. for years on improving the relationship between Arnhem and the Veluwe. The landscape of the estate Koningsweg and a large part of the largely militairy surroundings is now still a forbidden landscape. All roads end with a dead end […]

Narrow garden

Private garden, Nijkerk Year: 2010 Published in:  Modern European Landscape Design This long and narrow garden, which borders on the office of the owner on one side, is divided in three parts. The first part, the wooden terrace with the specifically designed bench, is a continuation of the living room. The second part is the […]

Mijnbouw square

A nature development project with rare ferns, in the middle of the city! Commissioner: DUWO Year: 2011     On the walls of the former university cathedral on the Mijnbouw Square in Delft, a number of rare fern species were found. These beautiful plants, which are on the ‘ red list’ of endangered species, were […]

Landscape vision Zuid-Limburg

A landscape vision for the province of Zuid-Limburg Wageningen University, commissioned by the Province of Limburg In collaboration with Klaas Kerkstra and Peter Vrijlandt Year: 2007 Published in: Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, 2003-2007     The landscape structures of the southern part of the province of South-Limburg originate from medieval times. The pattern of […]

the Green Waves

Concrete jungle is tranformed in a green connection between the north and south of Arnhem In collaboration with: D.T.O., Hoogte Twee Architects Year: 2016 Turning a concrete jungle into a green one and by doing so connecting the city of Arnhem with the river Rhine – that’s the aim of this self initiated project. By simplifying […]