The Sunny Side Sloterdijk

Type: Competitie Location: Amsterdam Year: 2018 In collaboration with: A M B.V., Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling B.V., MKA Research & Development B.V., Crowd Building NL B.V., Zanderroth Architecten, Marc Koehler Architects, Space&Matter en De Dakdokters       The Sunny Side is iconisch groen en tegelijk een huiselijk, lieflijk stuk stad, waar de bewoners zelf hun stempel […]

Sloterdijk kavel N

Type: competition Location: Amsterdam Year: 2017 Status: 2de prijs In collaboration with: Paul de Ruiter Architects, Space and matter, BAM, AM, Van der Tol, Studio Valkenier, dGmR, Strackee   De lift uitstappen en midden in een glooiend bos staan. Waar op hete dagen een mild regenbuitje uit het spiegelende plafond valt, waarin het intense groen […]

Garden Algarve

Een weldadige oase strak ingekaderd in het droge zuid Portugese landschap. Jaar: 2017 In deze tuin aan de kust van de Algarve wordt het contrast van de omliggende landschappen in het klein herhaald: de vlakke geïrrigeerde agrarische landschappen die prachtig contrasteren met de achterliggende grillige, droge, deels beboste heuvels met haar prachtige inheemse beplanting vertalen […]

Bartok park

A pop-up park as catalyst for the city In collaboration with: DTO, Municipality of Arnhem, Florentijn Hofman, Burgers’ Zoo, national park Hoge Veluwe, Van de Haar Groep, Synchroon Year: 2012-2013 Published in: NRC Arnhem in beweging Yearbook 2013 Straatbeeld Innovatief landschap Groene Amsterdammer Vakblad Groen Tuin en Landschap Winner NRP Gulden Feniks, category Urban Regeneration. The jury: ‘most lively square in […]

Sonsbeek exhibition 2016

Intimate and surprising amfitheater in the forrests of the Sonsbeek Park In collaboration with: Shilpa Gupta Commissioner: Sonsbeek exhibition 2016 Year: 2016 For the International Art-Exhibition Sonsbeek ’16 transACTION we realised a land-art project together with Indian artist Shilpa Gupta, in the magnificent Park Sonsbeek, Arnhem (The Netherlands). We turned a former high but empty spot without a view, surrounded […]

3-landscape garden

The best landscapes that Arnhem has to offer, united in this garden for a large family Private garden, Arnhem Year: 2013/2014 Photos: Ben ter Mull and Buro Harro   This family house in Arnhem, a modernistic white cubicle to which another cubicle was added later, is accentuated by a sloping, natural landscape. The soft curves of […]


A spectacular green building for both humans and animals, with a dune landscape on the roof! Commissioners: Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling, HBB Projectontwikkeling In collaboration with: Bastiaan Jongerius, Ronald Janssen (architects), DGMR Year: 2014/2015 Winner competition, commissioned by municipality of Amsterdam!   A building where both people and birds, bees, bats, butterflies live! At Amsterdam’s Groenmarkt a truly nature-inclusive construction […]

Kleine Campus

A lush garden for work and play for the Kleine Campus in Arnhem Commissioners: Floris Schoonderbeek, Kathlijn de Booij, Arnhem Year: 2017   website Kleine Campus The Kleine Campus (‘Small Campus’) is the example of the ‘new working life’. Initiators Kathlijn de Booij and Floris Schoonderbeek (known from Weltevree) are turning this former gymnasium in the Spijkerkwartier of […]

Farmyard Kolkenstein

Private garden, Terwolde Year: 2014 Photos: Ben ter Mull   This large farmyard with a monumental old farm is surrounded by very different, but all fantastic landscapes: a nearby estate with a castle, the village, the dike planted with enormous, old oaks, and the pond behind the dike. By creating clear lines alongside the buildings […]


Sketch design for the most important street of Rotterdam (private competition, winner: west8)  Commissioner: Municipality of Rotterdam Year: 2013/2014 In collaboration with Studio Jorge Perea, Fluitman Architectuur + Stedenbouw, Atelier Lek   In 2013 the municipality of Rotterdam chose 3 teams to make a vision for the street of Rotterdam, the Coolsingel. As a team, we chose to […]

Red list city garden

Private garden, Arnhem Year: 2011 Published in: Trouw NRC NRC-next Yearbook 2012 12 Tuinen Tuin & Landschap Duurzame landschapsarchitectuur On the move, European Yearbook of Landscape Architecture 2015 This small shady garden is an unexpectedly piece of nature. Here, plant species of the so-called Red List of endangered or extinct forest-species grow abundantly. Surprisingly, most of these […]

Narrow garden

Private garden, Nijkerk Year: 2010 Published in:  Modern European Landscape Design This long and narrow garden, which borders on the office of the owner on one side, is divided in three parts. The first part, the wooden terrace with the specifically designed bench, is a continuation of the living room. The second part is the […]