The Islands 2.0

Commissioner: Frank Donders on behalf of SNS Propertize Year: 2013-2015 Click on the images for a larger view! Project website The Islands 2.0 (dutch)   Very few cities are located just as beautiful as Arnhem is. On the north side National Park the Veluwe enters the city via splendid estates, reaching up to Central Station. Despite […]

Estate Beekhuizen

Estate Beekhuizen: Safari in the Netherlands! Commissioner: Introvast BV Year: 2016 Safari in the Netherlands! Watching the Big 5 of Natural Park ‘Veluwezoom’ from the terrace of your safari tent. This camping hidden in 4 valleys on the Veluwe was, despite of it’s wonderful setting, a rather dull, fenced place. We proposed to get rid […]


A spectacular green building for both humans and animals, with a dune landscape on the roof! Commissioners: Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling, HBB Projectontwikkeling In collaboration with: Bastiaan Jongerius, Ronald Janssen (architects), DGMR Year: 2014/2015 Winner competition, commissioned by municipality of Amsterdam!   A building where both people and birds, bees, bats, butterflies live! At Amsterdam’s Groenmarkt a truly nature-inclusive construction […]

Energy estate Airport Eelde

ENERGY ESTATE Groningen Airport Eelde Groningen Airport Eelde and surroundings as iconic 21st century landscape park for energy production, -education and inspiration! In samenwerking met MDL Landschapsarchitecten Year: 2014/2015 Groningen Airport Eelde and its surroundings become an iconic 21st century landscape park, evolving around energy: the Energy Estate GAE. It’s all about getting energy, from […]

Holwerd at sea

Commissioner: Atelier Fryslân Year: 2011-2014 Published in: In Touch – European Yearbook  Trouw Yearbook 2013 Regional newspaper Talloze Nederlanders kennen Holwerd. Per jaar passeren 450.000 mensen het prachtige terpdorpje namelijk, op weg naar de boot naar Ameland. En daar houdt het dan ook op. Holwerd heeft er niks aan. Want net zo als het hele noordelijke Waddenkust gebied meer […]

Fryslân at sea

Commissioner: Atelier Fryslân Year: 2009-2012 Published in: In Touch – European Yearbook  Yearbook 2013 Trouw Fries Dagblad Duurzame landschapsarchitectuur Northern Friesland literally feels like the end of the world. Roads and waterways end before or on the sea dike that disconnects Friesland from the sea. It has become an area that has to be passed in order to […]

Manhood peninsula

A fast sketch design with large effects for manhood peninsula (UK) Organisation workshop: Renée Santema & Carolyn Cobbold Year: 2009   When we visited the coastal town Selsey (UK) on the Manhood Peninsula with a group of Dutch experts, a row of houses on the shoreline almost collapsed and tumbled into sea. And this had happened […]

Pius harbour

Competition for the Pius Harbour in Tilburg  (winner: Quadrat) Commissioner: municipality of Tilburg In collaboration wth: The Cloud Collective Year: 2013     From the city centre of Tilburg you can start swimming, into the rural landscape. If you would jump into the Pius Harbour, that is. That doesn’t seem as an attractive idea, but that’s what […]

Masterplan Perm

A strategic masterplan for the city of Perm that takes the natural structure of the valleys as a starting point Commissioned by the city of Perm, Russia Year: 2008/2009 In collaboration with: KCAP and Hosper       The Russian city of Perm (with 1 million inhabitants), situated on a plateau next to the Kama […]

Elements Strijp-S

‘Elements’, concept design pavilion Strijp S, Eindhoven Commissioned by Park Strijp Beheer, BV Year: 2007 In collaboration with: Age Fluitman (architect, De Sola Morales, Barcelona), Stijn Koole (landscape architect, Bosch Slabbers, the Hague), Hans Jungerius (artist, Arnhem)   The problems concerning energy, CO2 and climate, are in fact not really problems. There is plenty of […]


Design for corridor Oostvaardersplassen-Horsterwold Commissioned by Staatsbosbeheer In collaboration with Thor Hendriks Year: 2002           Instead of designing the ecological corridor between the Oostvaardersplassen and the Horsterwold as a mono-functional highway for deer, the main idea behind this design is that this side of the city of Almere and the Oostervaarderswold […]

Landscape vision Zuid-Limburg

A landscape vision for the province of Zuid-Limburg Wageningen University, commissioned by the Province of Limburg In collaboration with Klaas Kerkstra and Peter Vrijlandt Year: 2007 Published in: Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, 2003-2007     The landscape structures of the southern part of the province of South-Limburg originate from medieval times. The pattern of […]


Competition entry Europan, Eindhoven In collaboration with Fluitman Architecture & Urbanism, Ian Considide and Gunneweg & Burg Year: 2011   ‘REFRESH!’ stands for the sustainable redevelopment of the Potentiaal-building on the campus of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. The brook valley of the river the Dommel is brought to life with a meandering arm, to create […]